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Curious about how Company Nurse works? Here you go.

Should every workplace injury be reported to the Injury Contact Center?2021-09-10T22:13:29-07:00

Yes, every injury should be reported to the Injury Contact Center. CONNECT WITH THE INJURY CONTACT CENTER BEFORE THE EMPLOYEE LEAVES THE JOB SITE. The Injury Care Coordinator will start the report and the Registered Nurse will provide triage to the injured employee. This is a 24/7 service, including all holidays.

How should an obvious emergency situation be handled?2021-09-10T22:14:53-07:00

In all life- or limb-threatening situations, call 911 or transport directly to the ER immediately. Connect with the Injury Contact Center with any information that you have regarding the incident once the situation has stabilized.

Does the Injury Contact Center diagnose an injury over the telephone?2021-09-10T22:15:34-07:00

We do not diagnose injuries. We perform a triage process that guides the employee to the appropriate level of care for treatment based on the information obtained during the call.

The employee was referred for treatment. The employee and the supervisor do not think this injury needs to be treated. Should treatment be sought anyway?2021-09-10T22:16:29-07:00

Yes. If the employee does not feel the injury needs treatment, they can let the nurse know. The nurse will provide self-care advice, when applicable. It is best for the employee to follow the self-care advice from the nurse and get treatment if the nurse advises to do so. Minor injuries are often referred to seek treatment within 48-72 hours. If the employee refuses to seek treatment, that will be documented in the incident report.

The employee does not want to connect with the Injury Contact Center. Should the supervisor submit a report for the employee?2021-09-10T22:17:18-07:00

Yes. Connect with the Injury Contact Center; include in the report if, where, and when the employee was treated. Include what information you have for the employee and the reports will be forwarded to the risk management and/or human resources departments to alert them of the incident.

Will the Injury Contact Center provide general health care advice?2021-09-10T22:17:55-07:00

The Injury Contact Center should be called for work-related incidents only.

Will the employee be given some type of reference or confirmation number?2021-09-10T22:18:39-07:00

Yes, we provide an Incident ID Number that associates the employee’s injury to a specific report. This is not the same as the claim number assigned by your workers’ comp carrier.

To whom does the Injury Contact Center report injuries?2021-09-10T22:19:15-07:00

The Injury Contact Center reports all injuries to your risk management and/or human resources departments. If an injury requires treatment, your workers’ comp insurance carrier will be notified.

What happens if the employee is on hold for an extended period of time waiting for a nurse?2021-09-10T22:20:44-07:00

Calls are initially answered by an Injury Care Coordinator who will start the report process. The protocol is to answer every call in the order in which they are received. If an injured employee hangs up before speaking with an Injury Care Coordinator, a call back would not be made at that point. After the Injury Care Coordinator starts the report and speaks with the employee, they transfer the injured employee to a Registered Nurse. If there is an unexpectedly-high call volume and the injured employee hangs up before speaking with a Registered Nurse, the Registered Nurse will return the call as soon as possible, typically within a few minutes.

Is the Injury Contact Center my Workers’ Comp Insurance?2021-09-10T22:22:21-07:00

No, the Injury Contact Center provides self-care advice and our skilled Injury Care Coordinators document a report with details of the initial injury that we can provide your employer and/or workers’ comp insurance carrier with. Your employer can provide you with the direct contact information for your workers’ compensation claims processing and administration.

Do I need to provide the Injury Contact Center with an update if I’m feeling better?2021-09-10T22:23:49-07:00

No, you do not need to call the Injury Contact Center with an update if you’re feeling better, although we’re happy to hear that!

How do I reschedule my Telemedicine appointment?2021-09-10T22:38:27-07:00

To reschedule a Telemedicine visit, you will need to contact the Telemedicine facility directly. The facility location and phone number are often provided in your confirmation text message from the original incident reporting as well.

Can you help me reschedule my in-office appointment?2021-09-10T22:25:52-07:00

Unfortunately we cannot help you reschedule an in-office appointment. You will have to speak with the office staff at that provider’s location and reschedule the appointment with them.

I forgot the details of my appointment. Can you give them to me?2021-09-10T22:40:10-07:00

Please refer to the medical provider to get details of your appointment. If you forgot the medical provider location and phone number, please check the confirmation text message sent from the original incident reporting for this information.

I scheduled a ride to my appointment through RelayRide but I need to reschedule. How do I do that?2021-09-10T22:27:37-07:00

If you need to cancel or reschedule your RelayRide, you can do so by calling the provided number.

What should I do if I have problems with the self-care instructions provided to me by a nurse?2021-09-10T22:29:05-07:00

Have you seen a medical provider? If you have, you will need to contact your medical provider to follow up with your treatment. If not, please let us know as soon as possible if you’re not feeling better after a few days, if you’re uncomfortable performing the instructions given, if something with your injury has changed, or if the instructions are unclear.