The Company That Started it All

Some companies say they do nurse triage for work injuries. Other companies add it onto their other services for “free.” But only one company has focused on delivering real nurse triage for workers’ compensation since 1997. That’s Company Nurse. The name that started it all and continues to perfect the process, taking care of employees, helping workplaces be more productive and making businesses more profitable.

Company Nurse Eases the Pain of Workers’ Comp

There’s nothing fun about workers’ comp. Completing incident reports, filing claims, managing providers, responding to information requests, investigating claims… the list is long. It’s all so complicated and time-consuming. And that’s even when things go well! Imagine when they don’t. But you don’t have to go it alone. In addition to triaging workplace injuries at the moment they occur, Company Nurse also gets your workers’ comp claims off to your ideal start. People love us for that!