By Martha Stabelfeldt, director of client success and sales of Company Nurse powered by Lintelio

As an employer, you understand the benefits of nurse triage for both your organization and your employees. But have you considered if you are utilizing your nurse triage program to its fullest advantage?

Here’s what to look for to enhance your organization’s nurse triage experience and results.

Streamline Your Reporting

The right nurse triage process will allow you to send your team members the reports they need. Look for a solution that allows your organization to automatically distribute incident reports or even an abbreviated set of data regarding the injury to specific contacts. These prompts could be based upon location and other conditions, such as main complaint, facility type, severity level, etc.

With proper distribution rules put in place, the right information gets to the right people and contacts avoid becoming overwhelmed with reports they don’t need.

In addition, consider how you can streamline the process, so the information efficiently gets to other stakeholders. For example, your nurse triage provider should be able to integrate with your TPA so they automatically receive reports and can quickly get the claim process started. This removes the need for additional paperwork and unburdens your team.

Update Your Employee Communications

The best nurse triage process will also instill confidence in your employees with clear instructions. Provide injured employees with automated text messages or emails after their report. These communications should provide follow-up instructions and, if applicable, contact information to check in with your chosen contact(s) (HR, Risk Manager, etc.).

Your program should also provide injured employees with a text message that includes facility referral information (so they know exactly how to access their medical care), their incident number (for reference), and care advice (to address their injury).

Also look to enhance the experience of the injured employee’s supervisor. Provide each supervisor with an automated message (text or email) when their employee reports an incident. This message could include the next steps for the supervisor and/or employee so they can comfortably navigate the workplace injury process.


Facility Panels

If your organization has employees in panel states, you understand how difficult it can be to make sure your employees get the right care, at the right facilities. But your nurse triage program can and should make it easy.

How? Make sure you are using a nurse triage provider that produces the panel cards you need, to verify the cards are in sync with their referrals. This means your employees are directed to the proper facilities that can address their injuries.


Call Recordings

When a workplace accident happens, you want to make sure you have all the information you need to address the injury and the situation, including access to listen to and download all the recordings of injury report calls.

Make sure your nurse triage program offers on-demand access to these recordings. And, since they contain private health information, it is important that the recordings are accessed via a secure admin portal that only designated admins can access.


If your current nurse triage provider doesn’t offer these benefits, it’s time to re-evaluate your options.

At Company Nurse, we provide all of these enhancements and more to create a seamless workplace injury reporting process for all stakeholders.

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