By Martha Stabelfeldt, Lintelio director of client services, client management and sales

Your organization’s needs have been evolving – and we are listening and innovating to help you digitally streamline risk management services for your employees. Company Nurse powered by Lintelio has special offers for Company Nurse clients to help your organization address its needs.

Solutions such as the WC Incidents module, which offers quick, seamless, and secure access to your organization’s injury reports. And solutions to improve the employee experience, including Integrity Line, to anonymously report wrongdoing.

Digital Injury Intake (Lin) and Secure Incident Reports

Lin is the Lintelio artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant for employees to rapidly report a workplace injury digitally.

  • Employees can initiate workplace injury reports in just a few clicks
  • AI-backed technology that can analyze intent of user-entered response
  • A conversational interface that provides seamlessly guided interactions
  • No tracking cookies or other invasive technologies

And you can quickly, seamlessly, and securely access injury reports through the WC Incidents module.

  • Designated administrators can securely access incident reports in Lintelio’s Administrative Portal
  • View all workers’ comp injury incidents and sort by time, injury, and more.

Integrity Line: Strengthen your corporate culture through trust and transparency. Company Nurse powered by Lintelio has integrated with Integrity Line to offer a secure, intuitive, and anonymous whistleblowing software solution that enables your employees to report misconduct such as corruption, abuse of authority, discrimination, and harassment internally before complaints become public and, in serious cases, result in reputation and financial losses for the business.

The web-based system is used to collect, process, and document anonymous reports and includes integrated case management. All sizes of companies rely on Integrity Line to help them identify misconduct in the company at an early stage, to communicate anonymously and confidentially with whistleblowers, and handle incoming reports in the right way.

Easy-to-use and directly accessible in Lintelio, users can anonymously submit reports in a few clicks.

  • Fosters a positive culture, especially when paired with other employee-focused Lintelio modules.
  • Secure hosting of your data
  • Simple and intuitive to use and accessible
  • Ready-to-use system with high-quality standard features
  • Available in over 70 languages

With Lintelio, the digital solution for organizations’ health and safety services, you can provide injury reporting and other health and wellness solutions in one seamless experience.

Lintelio simplifies HR and admin processes by providing employees with increased employee satisfaction and retention; reducing employer claim costs; and improving the overall health and wellness of the workforce. Email to learn more!

Pandemic Solution: Maintain a healthy and productive work environment with Lintelio’s Pandemic Module, which offers COVID-19 health screenings, as well as testing and vaccination management.

  • Health screenings for organizations and events testing reporting and verification
  • Vaccination reporting, verification, and passports
  • Timely reminders
  • View and manage your reports

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Custom questions
  • Expert RN guidance
  • Targeted alerts

Alerts and Newsfeed: Send company communications in just a few clicks! With this service, you can alert employees when you need to of:

  • Safety issues
  • Upcoming events
  • General information
  • And more!

No need for a company email address or cell phone number, you or your employee can determine how to send/receive messages:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Lintelio User Portal

Benefits: Eliminate barriers to employee benefits, increasing both engagement and ROI. The Benefits Module provides direct access to all of the perks and privileges offered by your company, right from the Lintelio tool!

  • ​Unify employee benefit details in one easily accessible place
  • Share contact details, websites, and fully customizable descriptions
  • No requirement for separate HR apps or portals
  • Customize aesthetics for each perk with configurable colors and icons

Lintelio simplifies HR and admin processes by providing employees with increased employee satisfaction and retention; reducing employer claim costs; and improving the overall health and wellness of the workforce. Reach out to your Company Nurse powered by Lintelio team or email to learn more!