By Debra Spamer, chief growth officer of Lintelio


With 70% of risk and compliance experts reporting the pandemic has increased their reliance on risk management technology, investing in the right digital tools ensures that processes like reporting workplace injuries, claims (property, auto, etc.), and hazards as well as anonymous whistleblowing are simple to manage and effective.

In this article, I will discuss the advantages of utilizing technology to help manage and mitigate risk and how to use these digital tools to improve communication and efficiencies.


Workplace Injury Reporting

When an employee sustains an injury at work, he or she may be confused as to what to do next. Here is where technology can help. Consider implementing a digital self-reporting system to empower the injured worker to initiate the injury report through their smart phone as soon as the incident occurs. To make the process even easier, let them access the system via a QR code posted around your organization or via a link on your intranet page. With a simple click or scan, the employees can start the injury reporting process in just a few taps, connect to a triage nurse for care advice, and reports are immediately sent to injury care and claims stakeholders.

When injured workers can more easily report injuries, they are empowered to report incidents immediately after they occur – increasing accuracy, decreasing lag, and expediting medical and claim assistance by providing timely information to providers, adjusters, and carriers.

Lintelio offers Lin, the digital virtual assistant, to help ease the pain of workplace injury reporting for your employees. With Lin, injured workers can enter vital and time-sensitive information to start the injury reporting process. They will then connect to the Company Nurse (Lintelio’s sister organization) Contact Center to triage the injury and receive care advise and direction.

Utilizing a digital system not only increases injury reporting efficiency and accuracy, but also helps you meet employee expectations. Gen Z and Millennials, who make up more than half of the current workforce, prefer digital communication.

Of course, other employees may prefer calling to report their injuries. That’s why we continue to provide the option to use Lin to connect to the Company Nurse Contact Center via phone. But with these options, your employees can report their injuries the way they are the most comfortable communicating.


Claim Intake

It can also be confusing for employees to report other types of claims (property, auto, etc.) since this is not something they do often. By adding claim reporting to the same system you use to report workplace injuries, the process is seamless and easy.

At Lintelio, we offer claim intake through the same digital tool as workplace injury reporting to provide your employees with a simple, streamlined process.

With early reporting, a risk manager can address claims in a timely and effective manner.


Hazard Reporting

Hazard reporting is critical to maintaining a safe workplace. From burst pipes, to exposed wires, and chipped sidewalks, when employees report workplace hazards, they can prevent injuries from occurring.

With Lintelio’s hazard reporting process, once the report is made, it is sent to the necessary people who can address the hazard.



You can take hazard reporting a step further by pairing it with an alerting system to notify employees of hazards or any other safety issues. For example, if a worker injures themself from tripping on a chipped sidewalk, you can easily send a text or email alert to other employees cautioning them of the hazard and helping to prevent future injuries.

Use alerts to send any information to your employees; like, a pizza party in the breakroom, a measles outbreak at school, or a team-building event.

With Lintelio, you can send alerts to your employees directly to their smartphone via email, text message, and/or to their Lintelio User account.


Anonymous Reporting for Compliance

A process for anonymous reporting (often called “whistleblowing”) is a compliance requirement for many organizations and provides employees with the confidence they need to report misconduct in the workplace without retaliation.

With an easy-to-use third-party tool, you can make this process secure, simple, and transparent which, in turn, fosters trust. In addition, using a solution external to the organization that focuses on employee privacy and security and does not track employees, like Lintelio, ensures the reporting process is indeed anonymous.



It can be overwhelming for your organization to adopt multiple digital processes to improve risk management. But with Lintelio, Company Nurse’s digital solution for organizations’ health and safety services, you can provide health, safety, and risk management solutions in one seamless experience.

Lintelio simplifies HR and admin processes by providing employees with increased employee satisfaction and retention; reducing employer claim costs; and improving the overall health and wellness of the workforce. Email to learn more!