By Debra Spamer, vice president of business development of Company Nurse and Lintelio

Employers everywhere are looking for ways to manage workplace health and safety, to protect both their employees and their organization. As an employer, here are questions you may have as well as important considerations.

How can I help protect the health and safety of my employees?

Consider implementing a digital solution with COVID-19 vaccination and testing reporting to encourage employees to comply with your organization’s COVID-19 guidelines or, if applicable, with any state or federal regulations.

When searching for the right solution, make sure that employees can easily and securely report their vaccinations including what type of vaccine, when they received their shot(s), and at what facility. In addition, employees should be able to upload appropriate documentation.

Look for a solution that assists employees to properly test (for example, with virtual nurse proctoring) and communicates your protocols to COVID-19 positive employees, educating them on how to get the care they need. For example, if an employee reports a positive COVID-19 test, they can receive instructions from your organization’s HR team, suggestions for facilities to receive care at, and a point of contact for further questions.

At Lintelio, we offer all of the above features and more in our Pandemic Module.


Why can’t my HR Director manage this information themselves on a spreadsheet?

Not only is a digital process easier and less manual, but health records must be kept in a secure environment, separate from your human resources files to comply with ADA requirements and prevent discrimination lawsuits.


I have seen appssimilar toLintelio; why should I chooseLintelio?

Unlike other vaccination and testing management solutions, Lintelio is not an app, but a solution accessed via a link that works and feels like an app. Lintelio is designed to be used confidently by your employees, eliminating both security issues that may arise when downloading an app and your employees’ privacy concerns.

Lintelio is also easy to use; employees simply need to follow a link and within a few taps, they can enter their testing and vaccination information.

Unlike competitors, Lintelio has been developed by a team with over 25 years of experience in occupational health and safety. The Lintelio team continuously updates the service features to enhance the system to meet changing requirements and improve the experience for both employer administrators and employee users.

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