By Debra Spamer, vice president of business development of Company Nurse LLC


Employers everywhere are looking for ways to manage workplace health and safety, to protect both their employees and their organization. And in taking the time to implement such a solution, organizations should consider how it can be utilized in the future. Experience with COVID-19 reporting tools will help employees to better utilize other digital health and wellness tools, as long as they are available on the same solution.

Here is why your organization should look for a solution that will be useful for your employees beyond the pandemic with tools for attendance, event registrations, alerts, and benefits.

Attendance and Event Registration

With the right solution, your employees will adapt to a process of COVID-19 screenings, test reporting, and/or vaccination reporting. As such, you can easily transition them to attendance reporting on the same solution. With a few taps, your employees can report whether or not they will be working that day. In turn, your employees’ supervisors will instantly receive absence notifications so that they can plan for coverage.

We understand our clients have different needs and processes and have created a digital health and safety solution, Lintelio DS, to address these needs. For example, one of our clients, a School Insurance Group, is using Lintelio DS for their own unique event registration. The client is also able to send text message updates to their event attendees.

In this process, their users register for the event; indicating that they will be attending, selecting their food choice, and identifying other guests. Next, the users will enter their COVID-19 vaccination and/or testing statuses and information. Finally, users will complete a virtual health screening the day of the event.

By utilizing Lintelio DS for their own unique needs, the school district can receive necessary information for planning the event (number of guests, food choices, etc.), as well as confirmation that each attendee has been vaccinated and/or tested for COVID-19 and did not report any symptoms the day of the event via the COVID-19 health screening.

Find a solution that will allow your organization to meet its individual needs and processes.

Employee Communications

Your organization should also consider how this health and safety solution can enhance employee communications. Lintelio DS offers an alerting tool, which our clients have found to be an effective way to communicate to their employees.

For example, one of our clients has many hourly employees who do not have company emails, but still need to receive important communications. While not all of these workers have emails, they do all have cell phones, meaning they can receive alerts from their employer through Lintelio DS.

This organization now has an efficient method for communicating with all of its employees, sending alerts for a variety of reasons – safety, events, or general information.

Access Benefits Outside of School

For many schools, it can be difficult to communicate with teachers and other staff members outside of the school year. Your solution should be accessible whenever needed. One of our clients, a large school district, needed a way to communicate upcoming safety protocols and benefits to their employees as well as a process for employees to select their benefits.

This school district has Lintelio DS and its alerting system in place to communicate with teachers over the summer. This will allow the school district to notify employees of COVID-19 testing and vaccination protocols (and any changes to these protocols, as regulations evolve).

In addition, teachers and staff members can use Lintelio DS to inform themselves of and select upcoming benefits for the next school year.

Lintelio DS’s benefits module allows employees to easily utilize medical, dental, and vision care as well as employee assistance programs, even when they do not have access to their work computers.

It is important to ensure your tool is secure, even outside the school. Lintelio DS works and feels like an app but can be accessed via link, to avoid the security issues that may arise from downloading an app.


With Lintelio DS, Company Nurse’s digital solution for organizations’ health and safety services, you can provide both COVID-related tools in our Pandemic Module and other health and wellness solutions in one seamless experience.

Lintelio simplifies HR and admin processes by providing employees with increased employee satisfaction and retention; reducing employer claim costs; and improving the overall health and wellness of the workforce. Email to learn more!