SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, March 16, 2021Company Nurse, the premier nurse triage and reporting service for workplace injuries, announced its COVID-19 workplace vaccination tracker, a new feature of its COVID-19 health screening and testing management tool, screen by Company Nurse.

With this vaccination tracker, users can enter vaccination information including the manufacturer, when they received their dose(s), and more. All of this information is securely stored and can be accessed in the screen by Company Nurse Admin Portal, along with the organization’s health screening and testing results.

“We created screen by Company Nurse to help workplaces maintain a healthy environment. The addition of vaccination reporting provides our clients with a holistic approach to navigating COVID-19 for their organizations,” remarks Paul Binsfeld, the president and founder of Company Nurse. “Testing and vaccination reporting allows clients to gather the information they need for contact tracing, allowing organizations to plan their employees’ returns to the workplace and/or schedules.”

The solution complies with CDC guidelines, which is a requirement of ADA compliance. Organizations may also need to comply with their own unique rules, as well as local regulations. screen by Company Nurse allows users to add additional, unique questions and workflows that can be updated, as needed, to help organizations navigate these guidelines.

“With our vaccination reporting solution, we’re helping organizations to navigate complicated COVID-19 guidelines and regulations to protect their employees and their organization,” states Binsfeld.

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Please note: You should keep screening records separate from employee files and consult with legal counsel when implementing screening, testing, and/or vaccination reporting.


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