By Debra Spamer, vice president of business development at Company Nurse LLC

To help protect schools from exposure to COVID-19, the CDC recommends schools screen “staff and students” for symptoms of COVID-19.

Developing, implementing, and maintaining a screening program is a huge undertaking. But with screen by Company Nurse, you have an instant, automated process that is easy to administer, easy to use, and easy to track. To help you better understand the screening process and its benefits as you prepare to get back to school, let’s review the most frequently asked questions.

How does the screening work?

We developed screen by Company Nurse, a digital screening and triage guidance solution for COVID-19 symptoms and exposures, to help maintain healthy school communities.

With this tool, you can screen your staff, students – or their household-   and even visitors with the most up-to-date CDC guidelines. And with contact-free screening, users screen at home, before potentially exposing others.

Those who pass their screenings will receive a digital “green light” to enter the school. You choose how often you want to screen— weekly, daily, or even twice daily.

If a member of your staff exhibits COVID-19-related symptoms that may need to be addressed, he/she may schedule a call with an expert triage nurse for additional guidance. This is an optional, additional service.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, Company Nurse makes the screening process and setup easy. Choose who, when, where and how often to screen. Get started quickly, without putting additional strain on your team.

Please remember, you should consult with legal counsel when implementing a screening process.

Does the screening follow CDC guidelines and other regulations?

Yes, the screening solution stays up to date with evolving CDC guidelines. In addition, Company Nurse can customize your screening process for jurisdictionally-based regulations.

Who should screen?

Anyone and everyone that visits your school should screen before arriving. This includes staff, students and their families, and even visitors.

While some of your teachers and students may be teaching and learning, respectively, from home, they should still screen remotely. This allows teachers and students to monitor their health and make sure they are healthy when they return to school. In addition, remote employees may need to stop by for supplies, training, etc. And don’t forget about maintenance and food service staff, whose duties may put them at higher risk for exposure.

In addition, you may have other visitors on campus. If your schools are hosting athletic events, you can use this solution to screen your athletes, coaches, the visiting team, and anyone in the stands. Screening these visitors is an important part in maintaining safe school environments.

What if a family has multiple students that need to screen?

A family may have multiple students that need to screen, but not every student may have his/her own cell phone.

That’s why Company Nurse offers household screening. The family simply needs a device with internet access and a cell phone number. The screening questions will be answered for the entire household.

Can the screening process be customized for different users?

Your teachers, administrators, maintenance, and food service team may need to follow a unique process if they fail their screenings. The messages can be customized for both different departments and locations, so the individual has clear next steps.

Who is notified?

The HR team is notified of all the organization’s employees’ screening statuses and can manage these statuses in the screen by Company Nurse Admin Portal.

Heads of departments are also directly notified of their employees’ statuses. Without a gatekeeper, they can immediately take action if an employee does not pass the screening. For example, if a teacher does not pass his/her screening before school, the screening allows the supervisor to be notified as soon as possible so the supervisor can find a substitute.

Please note, you should keep screening records separate from employee files.

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