By Paul Binsfeld, president and founder of Company Nurse LLC

This article was originally published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.

Creating and maintaining an award-winning company culture is already no easy feat. Factor in the new challenges that the pandemic has inflicted on businesses across the world, and improving your organization’s culture can seem like an impossible task.

But the current state of the world means your team needs you to focus on your culture more now than ever. By providing your employees with a great culture, they will return the favor with hard work and passion to help your organization succeed. Unsurprisingly, it’s been found that happy employees are more likely to be high-performing employees.

My organization, Company Nurse, is an American nurse triage provider for workplace injuries and, now, screening service for COVID-19 exposures and symptoms.

We are proud of the culture that we have developed over the years and how it has grown our organization to help employees and businesses across the United States and our own team members during these difficult times.

Here are the best practices for your best workplace that we’ve used to create an award-winning culture company culture and how we have been able to maintain it during a pandemic:

Remember your core values

Tensions are high around the world, and your team members are most likely under much stress. Remind your employees to navigate difficult situations with core values in mind.

At Company Nurse, we live by our core values: do the right thing, compassion for everyone, work together to work it out, driven to find solutions, and go the extra two miles.

If your core values don’t support treating each other with care, it may be time to rethink your core values. Compassion for everyone reminds our employees to do just that.

Other core values can help your employees focus on helping your organization combat these difficult times. Our team is driven to find solutions, leading us to develop a new COVID-19 screening solution that has helped our organization grow.

Show you care

We made the No-Layoff Pledge, our promise to not lay off employees during the COVID-19 pandemic to do the right thing for our team members and their families, providing them with job security and peace of mind.

While not every organization is able to make such a pledge, you can still reassure your team members you are doing everything you can to protect their jobs, explain what you are doing, and continue to communicate with your team.

Provide your team with resources (financial and health) to help them navigate these difficult times. You may have resources from your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that span from articles to webinars to counseling.

Recognize team members

Not only are your team members dealing with the stress of what’s happening in the world and how it is affecting them personally, but they are most likely dealing with stress at work, working harder than ever to help your organization.

Let them know you appreciate them with a formal recognition program. Share their hard work and achievements with the rest of your organization and (if they approve) the outside world in your newsletters and on social media.

If you’re looking to develop your culture with employee benefits, call Company Nurse first. As the premier nurse triage service for workplace injuries, we continue to perfect the process, taking care of employees, helping workplaces be more productive, and making businesses more profitable.