By Paul Binsfeld, president and founder of Company Nurse, LLC


Every day, first responders are there to help us. From firefighters and policemen to EMTs and paramedics, these individuals have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe.

But those who work in public entities know that even the people who protect and heal us face emergencies and injuries of their own.

So, who’s there to protect them when they get hurt? Who’s there to make sure they get the care they need?

Their employers are. With nurse triage for first responders.

Ready for Any Injury

As the leading nurse triage service for public entities, we help first responders get the care they need every day.

In just one year (June 2017-May 2018), we’ve guided first responders through nearly 4,000 injury incidents.

And we’ve seen all types of injuries – from exposures to hazardous materials to ankle sprains after jumping off fire trucks. Even non-physical ailments that arise from the stress of being first responders.

With nurse triage, public entities can take care of those who protect us. Here’s how.

Instant Access to a Medical Professional

When accidents and emergencies happen, first responders are there to make sure victims get the care they need, as quickly as possible. They know from experience the importance of having an expert available during an emergency.

And when first responders face injuries themselves, access to nurse triage ensures that they too receive immediate and expert attention.

Address Injuries with Self-Care

If first responders are injured on the job, their first instinct may be to go to the emergency room. After all, that’s where they’re more likely to take the people they help.

But the truth is, many of their injuries require only self-care.

In fact, out of all the first responders triaged by Company Nurse this past year, only 17% required an emergency room visit and just 43% were sent to a non-emergency facility, like an occupational medicine provider or clinic. The other 40% required no further medical attention — just self-care advice from one of our nurses.

This not only saves public entities money, but also ensures that first responders are getting the right care.

Back to Work

And when first responders can take care of their injuries with a doctor’s visit or even just self-care, they’re no longer wasting hours in at an emergency room.

Instead, they’re getting back to work.

First responders want to help people. When we help them heal, we get them back to doing what they love, quickly and safely!

Immediate Reporting

Because first responders can immediately report their injuries to a triage nurse, their injury incidents are more accurately recorded.

These reports include who witnessed the injury, what happened, and where. No longer do their employers need track down details or witnesses.

It’s all recorded, right away.

And with this detailed reporting, public entities can see what types of injuries their first responders are encountering and make better-informed decisions on how to decrease their job hazards and improve their safety.


First responders are here to make sure we are safe and protected. By providing access to nurse triage for workplace injuries, their employers can do the same for them.

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