Scottsdale, AZ (Feb. 12, 2018) – That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Company Nurse LLC, the premier nurse triage service for workplace injuries, announced and released their new brand.

At their annual holiday party, Founder and President Paul Binsfeld introduced the brand to the Company Nurse team. A brand which more genuinely defines and differentiates the company through messages and imagery that demonstrate how Company Nurse eases the pain of workers’ comp—for both employees and businesses.

The new brand simplifies an industry known for complexity and focuses on the simple fact that accidents happen. Companies can either be prepared, or not. Preparation can save employees pain because when they call Company Nurse, they know their injuries are getting the appropriate level of care.

And they made sure to structure the message for businesses too. By calling Company Nurse, employers benefit big time through cost savings associated with excessive claims and loss of productivity due to unnecessary time off work.

“When injuries are triaged and treated based on a pre-defined process, everyone wins. That’s what we emphasize on our new website and in our materials, Accidents Happen. Call Company Nurse First,” said Binsfeld.

In addition to easing injured employees’ pain and the pain of high claim costs, Company Nurse also eases the pain of the complex workers’ comp system.

“Workers’ comp is a pain point for employers. A big part of how we help people is by shouldering the workers’ comp injury process burden for them,” said Binsfeld.

Company Nurse has always lessened the pain of workers’ comp by helping clients implement nurse triage. “We are experts in that area, so it made sense to put that message front and center in our new brand. It’s genuine to who we are,” said Debra Spamer, vice president of business development.

Working closely with Kathy Heasley of Heasley & Partners and using their proprietary Heart & Mind® Branding process, Company Nurse has discovered what is genuine to them, meaningful to their clients, and different from everyone else.

“Company Nurse has raised the bar in this industry once again. They did so when they introduced the concept of workplace injury triage, and now they are doing it with a brand that is truly them and that connects heart to the heart,” said Kathy Heasley, founder of Heasley & Partners.

As lighthearted as their new brand may be, with emoji visuals and silent movie images of “accidents waiting to happen,” it also includes messaging and graphics that demonstrate their systems and processes are tried and true, yet innovative.

Visually, Company Nurse has strayed from the industry’s over-used red and gray and will now own the unique palette of blue, purple, and scrub green. “Early response to the brand imagery has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s memorable, so that’s good,” said Binsfeld.

The brand launch event took place at the Kerr Cultural Center, in Scottsdale. A red carpet led to what looked like a movie premiere. Silent movies played on the screen, boxes overflowed with popcorn, Hollywood-style awards and sparkling stars adorned candle-lit tables—a preview of what was soon to be revealed. Food was provided by Sharko’s Catering.

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Workplace injuries are a fact of life. Company Nurse provides nurse triage for injured workers and makes the process of workers’ comp pain-free. In business since 1997, and the first in the industry, Company Nurse continues to grow and innovate so that businesses can take care of people, take care of processes, make workplaces more productive, and businesses more profitable.


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