By Paul Binsfeld, president and founder of Company Nurse, LLC

Visit the Company Nurse website or browse our social media, and you’ll notice a change; an update of colors, fonts, and of our logo. But we didn’t simply switch out our artwork; we are introducing a whole new brand! One that better reflects who we are and how we help people like you!

So many things about Company Nurse you have come to know and love. We’ll always be the first nurse triage service for workplace injuries. People like working with the company that started it all. They also like working with a company that focuses all its efforts on doing this job right. That expertise and dedication remain firmly in place at Company Nurse.

You’ll see we’re simply upgrading the way we deliver our message. And simplifying it. You’ll hear it in our words and you’ll see it in our imagery. Who says you can’t have some fun with workers’ comp?

Read about our rich history and exciting future, paired with an entertaining array of photos from the Hollywood era of Buster Keaton. He was a pioneer and so are we. Like him, we also know how to have fun. It all happens within colors of fresh blue, regal purple, and scrub green—we do provide medical guidance, after all!

Truly, accidents happen. That’s why we want you to call Company Nurse first. It’s our tagline. Because when you make that call, you are prepared with processes that not only take care of injured workers, but also ease the pain of workers’ comp. We know you feel it. So let’s take away those workers’ comp blues and save you money in the process!

You have a partner in us. Know that we are approachable and ready to begin! Together let’s help your employees. Let’s help your company. And in the process, let’s have a little fun!