Company Nurse and Enspiri Solutions ended the year on a high note.
By Debra Spamer
, vice president, business development, Company Nurse, LLC and Enspiri S
olutions, LLC

We ended the year strong, and I am pleased to share updates from this past quarter. The following is a roundup of business updates from Company Nurse and Enspiri Solutions.

Entrepreneurial Insurance Alliance Advisory Board

Company Nurse President and Founder Paul Binsfeld has been appointed to the Entrepreneurial Insurance Alliance (EIA) Advisory Board of Directors. This distinguished recognition is a testament to Paul’s more than 25 years of experience in the workers’ compensation industry. He is one of the pioneers of the pre-claim nurse triage segment, and truly one of the most influential leaders in the market.

The mission of EIA is to foster the creation of new products, distribution channels and underwriting modules to provide better solutions for everyone in the chain of insurance commerce.

CSAC Excess Insurance Authority Designated Partner

Company Nurse is now part of the designated partner program for the CSAC Excess Insurance Authority, a member directed insurance risk sharing pool. The organization has developed effective risk management solutions to help California public entities proactively control losses and prepare for different exposures.

The history of Excess Insurance Authority starts in 1979, when 29 California counties formed CSAC Excess Insurance Authority, a Joint Powers Authority. The sole purpose of this JPA is finding cost effective insurance solutions and risk management services for members. EIA’s membership spans 95 percent of counties, 60 percent of cities, as well as numerous educational organizations, special districts, housing authorities, fire districts, and other Joint Powers Authorities.

As part of the Excess Insurance Authority claims services, Company Nurse offers members special rates for 24/7 nurse triage.

Conference Season

The end of the year is high conference season for us, so here are highlights of the conferences we attended in Q4:

National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference®
November 30 – December 2 in New Orleans

We attended the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference and had the pleasure of listening to the opening keynote speaker, Tim East, director of corporate risk management for The Walt Disney Company. He stated, “Just as a major theme park can’t rely on attractions and entertainment with outdated technology to captivate today’s audience, neither can workers’ comp and disability managers apply outdated practices to engage today’s tech-savvy workforce.”

These words are so true, and they reinforce the need for our first-to-market solution that we formally launched at the conference, called Enspiri Solutions. We hosted a launch party for the technology product at Fulton Alley in New Orleans, celebrating with close industry peers.

Energi Risk Management Summit
October 2-6 in Las Vegas

The aim of this conference was to inspire and educate members of small and middle market companies with new ideas, concepts and products that will ultimately drive business growth. 2016’s theme, “The Framework for Success,” focused on providing the resources for business growth and diversification.

Association of Government Risk Pools Conference
October 2-5 in Denver

The Fall Educational delivered content in three key pool operational areas:

  • Claims and Litigation
  • Marketing and Member Services
  • Reinsurance and Capital Management

Attendees learned how to tune in pooling “weak signals.” Weak signals provide valuable clues about how to prepare for the future of pooling operations, but you have to be listening carefully for them and you have to know when to tune in and when to tune out.

California Workers’ Compensation & Risk Conference
October 4-6 in Dana Point

The conference was chock-full of notable and engaging speakers, including a Motivational Keynote session by Ray Lewis.

Finally, we concluded the year with a series of executive team strategy planning sessions. We are highly focused in our 2017 initiatives, and I look forward to sharing key milestones and announcements throughout the coming year.

In the spirit of the New Year, my team and I at Company Nurse wish you a productive, successful, and safe 2017. Happy New Year!