Anyone who has ever been hospitalized or visited a hospitalized loved one understands the value of a sincere, caring bedside manner and how it can impact the attitude of the patient. Employees who are injured on the job respond to and deserve that same calming bedside manner.

The Human Effect

An injured person with access to a compassionate and skillful voice of reason immediately after an injury will react differently than one met with a chaotic scene, perhaps having been whisked away, in dramatic fashion, to an emergency room. An injured employee has a better chance of having a positive experience and a better outcome if a 24/7 nurse triage hotline is involved at the point of injury. Telephone triage is a clinical subspecialty practiced by licensed medical professionals that involves the safe, appropriate and timely evaluation of patient symptoms and referring the patient to the right level of care with the right provider. While any licensed medical professional is technically qualified to offer such care, not all necessarily should if they do not possess what we like to call the “human effect.” What is the human effect? It is treating the patient as you would your close friend or loved one; really listening to the voice on the other end of the phone.  It is showing empathy and genuine caring. In a day and age when automated recordings are all too common, this could not be more important and impactful.

The Employer Cares – The Employee Feels Valued

The first step in creating the best outcome for the injured employee is a personalized approach. In workers’ compensation scenarios, this approach will lead to improved satisfaction for the injured employee, employer, claims adjuster, and insurer. Without it, a mishandled – and subsequently, disgruntled – injured worker leads to an unhappy employer, and the dissatisfaction continues to trickle upward from there. In some cases, unhappy injured employees will seek the assistance of an attorney to pursue their claim.

Injured employees who receive immediate access to a 24/7 nurse triage hotline will likely feel valued and appreciative that their employer invested in a nurse triage service. They’ll know that their employer did everything possible to assist them and wants to achieve the best outcome. They will feel valued!

About Company Nurse

Company Nurse helps employers address work injuries immediately. We provide registered nurses at the point of injury, so injured employees are channeled to the most appropriate level of care by qualified, compassionate and trained registered nurses. If our nurses identify an injury, we will report it to everyone on the distribution list so they can perform their respective jobs with maximum efficiency. For information on how you can experience a 20 percent reduction in reported claims, and a total claims cost savings of up to 30 percent, contact us today at (855) 488-5337