It’s a widely known fact that the construction industry faces some of the more prominent risks when it comes to workplace safety. Employees in the construction sector are at risk of injury due to slips, falls, dangerous machinery, heavy equipment and more. It’s imperative for this industry to utilize the benefits of a telephonic Nurse Triage 24/7 Injury Hotline. Experienced nurses can provide advice and direction to employees at the point of injury, which significantly reduces workers’ compensation costs for construction companies.

Prepare a treatment plan.

Many times, injured workers seek medical attention at emergency rooms and urgent care clinics because they don’t know where else to go for care. However, with the implementation of telephonic nurse triage, injured workers can seek the medical advice they need at the point of injury and thus directed to the proper treatment plan immediately. According to For Construction Pros, nurses are specifically trained to assess injuries via telephone to determine if simple first aid is appropriate or if more substantial medical attention is warranted. Moreover, telephonic nurse triage reduces unnecessary treatment by 20{c28dee39b805f046bf4cda8f39601d15a710d8b679ae1d708a1f6f5a0a7350ff}.

Claims control.

With this service, claims are controlled and monitored carefully. As a result, there is a reduction in overall claim costs for a construction company. The injured worker can receive efficient advice on what type of treatment to seek and reduce the lag time of receiving proper care.

Back to work quicker.

Once an injured worker receives the proper care immediately, they are more likely to get back to work sooner.  Company Nurse captures pertinent injury details and sends information directly to the treatment facility prior to the arrival of the injured employee. Forms are also provided that may be returned to the employer to alert them if the employee can perform light duties or less physically demanding positions while in recovery.

At Company Nurse, we help employers in addressing work injuries immediately. We provide medical expertise at the point of injury, so injured employees are channeled to the most appropriate level of care by qualified, compassionate and trained registered nurses. If an injury is identified, we will report it to everyone on the distribution list in order for them to do their respective jobs more efficiently. For information on how you can experience a 20 percent reduction in reported claims, and a total claims cost savings of up to 30 percent, contact us today at (855) 488-5337.