By Martha Stabelfeldt, Director of Client Success and Sales of Company Nurse powered by Lintelio


Workplace accidents happen. But the employers that invest in the right workplace injury technology are able to improve the injured worker experience and care, while saving their organizations time and money.

Ready to improve your organization’s workplace injury outcomes? Here’s what you need to consider.

Workplace Injury Reporting

When employees sustain injuries at work, they may be confused as to what to do next. But you and your organization can help. Consider implementing a digital self-reporting system to empower them to initiate the workplace injury reporting process. To make the process even easier for your employees, help them to access the system via a QR code posted around your organization or via a link on your intranet page. With a simple click or scan of their smartphones, employees can initiate the injury reporting process in just a few taps.

When injured workers can more easily report injuries, they are encouraged to report incidents immediately after they occur – increasing accuracy, improving lag days, and helping their employers get the information they need to address the injury. 

Company Nurse powered by Lintelio offers the solution Lin, the digital virtual assistant, to help ease the pain of workplace injury reporting for your employees. With Lin, injured workers can enter vital and time-sensitive information to start the injury reporting process. They will then be connected to Company Nurse powered by Lintelio’s Contact Center to complete the injury process.

Utilizing a digital system not only increases injury reporting efficiency and accuracy, but also helps you meet your employees’ needs. Gen Z and Millennials, who make up more than half of the current workforce, not only prefer digital workplace processes, but expect them of their employers.

Of course, other employees may prefer calling to report their injuries. That’s why we continue to provide the option to connect to the Company Nurse powered by Lintelio Contact Center via phone. But with these options, your employees can report their injuries the way they are the most comfortable communicating.

Safe and Secure Report Access

In addition to implementing or enhancing your organization’s workplace injury reporting process, you will want a secure method for keeping record of these injuries and accessing injury reports.

Injury reports, of course, contain both the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information) of your employees, which your organization has an obligation to protect. At Company Nurse powered by Lintelio, we provide employers with a secure Admin Portal. This allows you to have direct access to the reports you need, while keeping your employees’ information safe.

In addition to being a secure method for storing workplace injury reports, the Admin Portal allows you to access the information you need, when you need it to complete the workplace injury process more efficiently.


Alert Employees of Hazards

Your organization can further enhance the workplace injury experience of your employees by helping to prevent injuries in the first place. An easy and effective way to do so is with an alerting system.

Company Nurse powered by Lintelio offers an Alerting Module, which is managed right from the Admin Portal. Through the portal, you can quickly alert employees of hazards or any other safety issues. For example, if a worker is injured from tripping on a chipped sidewalk, you can send an alert to other employees cautioning them of the hazard and helping to prevent future injuries.

It is important to ensure that employees receive these alerts so that they are effective. With Company Nurse powered by Lintelio, alerts can be sent to your employees via email, via text message, and/or to the user portal.


Company Nurse powered by Lintelio is transforming organizational risk management and reporting by streamlining the collection, management, and secure access and delivery of information. Founded in 1997, Company Nurse powered by Lintelio continues to grow and innovate to make accident reporting stress-free. Email to learn more!