Editor’s note on 11/09/2021: The vaccine mandate referred to in this article has been temporarily blocked. References to the mandate are intended for organizations planning to implement these rules.

By Paul Binsfeld, founder and president of Company Nurse LLC


With the increase in remote working, it has become more difficult for employees to access and navigate their healthcare, benefits, and communications with their employers. At the same time, employers are expected to be more engaged in the health, safety, and wellness of their employees to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. And with the federal vaccine plan  requiring all businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are either vaccinated or tested once a week, employers are under even more pressure to increase their workplaces’ health and safety with an efficient COVID-19 vaccination and testing management system.

To successfully navigate the future of workplace health and safety, employees must have proper access to the benefits your organization already invests in and other necessary tools to help your organization follow important regulations and requirements. Here’s how:

Utilization of Existing Benefits

Organizations understand that employees need easier access to their health and wellness benefits via digital tools. In fact, a Mercer survey reports that 68% of employers globally plan to increase their spend on digital health and wellness.

The pandemic has increased the urgency for easy access to these services, but it can be difficult for employees to navigate through many benefits vendors. And with Mercer reporting that 44% of employees are less likely to leave employers who provide support for their well-being during the pandemic, employers must ensure they are not only providing care but supporting employees to access this care.

Consider all the benefits you likely already invest in, including medical, dental, and vision care; access to employee assistance programs and other wellness-related benefits; an intake, triage, and reporting system for workers’ compensation claims; and more.

Without proper access, these health and wellness benefits that organizations invest heavily in are underutilized. Employees aren’t getting the care they need, and employers aren’t getting a return from the programs they invest time and money to provide. A digital solution provides direct access to these benefits, which will in turn increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Need for COVID-19 Related Solutions

The existing need for COVID-19-related management solutions has suddenly been amplified due to the recent federal vaccine mandate, requiring all businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are either vaccinated or tested once a week, which could include substantial fines up to $14,000 per violation.

Employers face a sudden obligation to have an efficient testing and vaccination reporting process to follow these regulations. Your organization should look for a solution that includes secure reporting and information management to comply with following these rules, if necessary.

Also look for a solution that helps you to efficiently communicate the proper protocols to COVID-19 positive employees and educates them on how to get care.

Challenges of Communicating with a Remote Workforce

Again, for employees to easily access these benefits and tools, your organization should supply a simple, efficient process. This can be accomplished with one digital solution that houses all of the benefits and COVID-19-related tools employees can access.

Consider how you will communicate these benefits and COVID-related updates to keep your workforce informed in these times of disconnect. An effective way to increase engagement with your employees is to utilize omnichannel messaging, providing an offering of communication channels such as text messages and emails.

Look for a solution that provides employees with easy access to it via alerts, notifications, and reminders with links to the solution.

Also consider how your digital solution can make other communications easier for a safer, more efficient workplace. Perhaps you have tasks that can become more efficient including reporting attendance or absences, workplace hazards, and technology issues. The right digital solution can simplify the task of reporting and streamline the process of informing the right people.

Finally, ensure your solution supplies you with a robust employer administration/communication portal so you can properly manage and update your organization’s benefits and tools.

Lintelio: Your Organization’s Digital Health and Safety Solution

Empowering your employees to access important care and tools may seem overwhelming but can be accomplished with ease. With Lintelio, Company Nurse’s digital solution for organizations’ health and safety services, you have access to the above tools and more.

Lintelio simplifies HR and admin processes, providing employees with increased employee satisfaction and retention; reducing employer claim costs; and improving the overall health and wellness of the workforce. Email screeninfo@companynurse.com to learn more!