By Paul Binsfeld, founder and CEO of Company Nurse powered by Lintelio

School districts are no strangers to injuries – when it comes to both staff and students.

Over the past year, we have triaged tens of thousands of workplace injury incidents for school district employees, ranging from teachers standing on (and falling off) rolling chairs to custodians slipping on wet floors. Moreover, students also face numerous accidents on playgrounds, in gyms, and even in classrooms. Managing these injuries effectively requires different processes and levels of care.

To promote the adoption of nurse triage among school district employees and encourage parents and guardians to submit accident reports promptly, you just need to follow a simple plan for utilization. Here’s how:

Addressing Injuries

Fortunately, most of these injuries are not severe. In fact, only 3% of these workplace injuries triaged by Company Nurse required referral to the ER, while 54% of injured workers went to non-emergency facilities. A significant 43% of workers were treated with self-care advice, saving them unnecessary visits to urgent care or the ER.

When an employee in one of your school districts sustains an injury, access to a triage nurse ensures they’re directed to the right level of care and that your school district informed of this injury. This enables staff members to return to work quickly and safely, ultimately saving the school both time and money.

Swiftly informing school authorities about student accidents is also crucial. By encouraging parents and guardians to report such incidents promptly and accurately, school administrators can address the issues effectively, minimizing administrative burdens and disruptions to the student’s education. Moreover, timely reports enable the implementation of preventive measures to protect other students from similar accidents.

Simplify the Training and Process

While incident reporting programs benefit workers, students, parents, and guardians, it may seem challenging to introduce new procedures amidst their busy schedules. However, finding an incident reporting solution that simplifies the training process can overcome these obstacles.

Consider programs that offer short training videos, only a few minutes long, that demonstrate the nurse triage process and its benefits to school district employees. This approach allows them to grasp the process quickly, investing minimal time for long-term gains.

Furthermore, ensure that incident reporting can be done via various preferred channels, such as phone, text, or virtual chat. This improves user accessibility and facilitates prompt and accurate reporting.

For student accident reporting, prioritize accessibility. Your incident reporting solution should enable parents and guardians to submit reports digitally, ensuring they provide all necessary information for your school district to address the accidents properly. This digital method eliminates delays caused by mail-in processes and improves accuracy, eliminating potential complications from handwritten forms.

What’s in it For Them

To encourage employees, students’ parents, and guardians to utilize incident reporting services, it’s crucial to communicate the benefits clearly.

For teachers and staff members, implementing incident reporting procedures and nurse triage demonstrates that their well-being is valued. With nurse triage, injured employees can return to work more quickly, demonstrating that the school district cares about its employees and considers them essential contributors to the educational community.

The availability of medical professionals 24/7/365 ensures immediate care after a workplace injury, facilitating a faster recovery and a desire to return to work promptly.

As for parents and guardians, their main concern is the safety of their children. With a robust, yet easy-to-use accident reporting system, they can be assured that the school district also takes the wellbeing of the students seriously.

Parents and guardians prioritize the safety of their children, and a robust and user-friendly accident reporting system reassures them that the school district shares this concern. Digital solutions that allow quick accident reporting alleviate the burden of cumbersome paperwork, enhancing their overall experience.

Additionally, with such processes, your school district receives immediate and detailed injury reports, enabling the implementation of safety improvements and preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of recurring accidents.

Company Nurse powered by Lintelio provides all of the services above and is transforming organizational risk management and incident reporting by streamlining the collection, management, and secure access and delivery of information. Founded in 1997, Company Nurse powered by Lintelio continues to grow and innovate to make accident reporting stress-free. Email to learn more!