COMPANY NURSEGain Control Over Medical Care, Claims Costs, & Return-to-Work Outcomes

At Company Nurse, we know just how important it is to attract and retain the members in your Self-Insured Group (SIG) or pool. We understand in order to do this you must be able to offer members cost-efficient, easy solutions to help them reduce workers’ compensation expenses costs. . .something other groups do not offer.

Company Nurse 24/7/365 Nurse Triage Hotline offers SIGs and pools the ability to improve the performance of your workers’ compensation program by eliminating the frequent delays that occur when reporting employee injuries and the subsequent setbacks in sharing and managing injury and claims information. With our workers’ compensation injury triage hotline, you’ll have in place an early intervention program that uses a Nurse Hotline to assess and triage injuries. Company Nurse leverages sophisticated technology to proactively manage incidents and claims toward optimal costs and outcomes.

How Company Nurse Works

With Company Nurse, an employee calls the hotline and speaks with a highly qualified and trained nurse, who gathers the claims information and immediately sends the First Report of Injury to all the appropriate stakeholders, including the employer, physician, TPA, and return-to-work (RTW) coordinator.

Using treatment protocols and proprietary medical triage algorithms, the nurse will identify the right course of treatment. When necessary, the nurse will advise emergency care. With minor injuries, the nurse may provide simple first aid or self-care guidelines, or send the patient to an occupational clinic in the employer’s preferred provider network. Within minutes after the call with the injured worker the Nurse will send a Report of Injury to key stakeholders, allowing them to handle their respective roles in the injury/claim process.