This article was originally published by the Public Risk Management Association

By Debra Spamer, Chief Growth Officer of Company Nurse powered by Lintelio

Accidents happen. That’s why it’s imperative for organizations to establish a robust incident reporting process to address any accident that may occur, including commercial auto, general liability, property, student accidents, and workplace injuries.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to build the framework of your incident reporting process or to enhance your current infrastructure, ensure that your partner puts compassionate people and innovative technology at the center.

By creating your processes around these components, you streamline the collection, management, accuracy, and secure access and delivery of information, transforming your organizational reporting.


Compassionate People

When looking for an incident reporting partner, ensure that the organization is made up of compassionate people.

Getting into an accident brings uncertainty. Utilizing a reporting system supported by people who demonstrate care and expertise to address accidents relieves this stress.

Compassionate people make reliable partners who will nurture, guide, and support your organization. This extends to your employees, who report incidents, and to your risk management team, who will benefit from a partner who helps them to enhance and refine the reporting process.

Why else are compassionate people a crucial component in selecting a risk reporting partner for your organization? These individuals truly care about your organization and improving its experience. They deliver exceptional service that surpasses expectations by attentively listening to your needs and continuously striving to enhance your processes.


Innovative Technology

Equally vital to identifying compassionate people within your risk reporting partner, is ensuring the partner is backed by innovative technology.

So, what does this entail when evaluating a potential risk reporting partner? The ideal partner will provide technology that bolsters the efficiency and accuracy of your processes. Such a partner continuously improves their technology, implementing updates to enhance your experience and yield improved results.

Moreover, this technology should incorporate robust security measures to safeguard your organization and its people. These measures encompass the formulation of comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans (BCP/DRP) and adherence to regulatory standards such as HiTech and SOC II.


The Impact

Together, compassionate people and innovative technology will profoundly enhance your accident reporting experience. A partner who provides these crucial components will aid in streamlining the collection, management, and secure access and delivery of information, transforming your organizational incident reporting.

Claims Collection

Technology created by compassionate people invariably prioritizes the user experience. Your partner should offer technology that allows users to report incidents via their preferred channels, whether that be through phone, text, or virtual chat, thereby facilitating more prompt and accurate reporting.

Secure Access to Claims Information

A partner that utilizes innovative technology provides robust security, ensuring the secure transmission of data and information. Consequently, this instills confidence in users reporting accidents.

Furthermore, this security ensures that administrators access reports and supplementary information in a secure manner, strictly adhering to a need-to-know basis, thereby safeguarding their employees and the organization as a whole.

Claims Management

With simple, yet secure, access to risk reports, your risk management team has the information it needs to efficiently address and close claims.

However, it is essential to ensure that your partner properly supports the collection of the information you need during the reporting process. Your partner should allow you to add specific questions that will enable stakeholders to receive direct and timely answers.

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