By Paul Binsfeld, Founder and CEO of Company Nurse powered by Lintelio

At Company Nurse powered by Lintelio, the key to providing excellent customer experiences is by following through on our brand promises: compassion, clarity, collaboration, and confidence.

Here’s how we fulfill our brand promises and how these enhance our clients’ experiences.


One of our core values is “compassion for everyone.” This includes our, clients, our clients’ employees, and every stakeholder involved in the risk management process as well as our own team members. So, it should come as no surprise that compassion is one of our brand promises.

And what does it mean to show compassion? We are a reliable partner who will nurture, guide, and support you. We listen to our clients’ needs and develop solutions that will positively impact your risk management experience. Risk events can be extremely stressful, so having a kind and caring team to help our clients and their employees navigate the risk reporting process provides much needed comfort.

Our promise of compassion includes providing exceptional service that goes above and beyond. We “go the extra two miles.” Clients share how impressed they are by how dedicated we are to their needs. We will always work to find a solution.


When we promise clarity, we promise to take the hassle out of your administrative processes by paying attention to the details. Data accuracy from the start is key to the efficient handling of claims throughout the process.

In addition, we make your experience with us simple and straightforward. From providing users with an intuitive reporting process to sending reports to contacts on a need-to-know basis, we make your risk reporting as seamless as possible.


We develop our services based on our clients’ actual needs. While that may seem like an obvious business strategy, oftentimes companies only provide what they think their clients need. Instead, we understand the importance of collaborating with our clients and partners to create solutions to transform risk management experiences.

So, what should a client expect from this collaborative experience? Responsive, reliable, and timely communications to support all of their risk reporting needs, questions, and ideas.

In addition, we lead the risk industry with our award-winning technology, helping our clients with accessible and easy-to-use solutions. As the director of claims of one of our restaurant industry clients, states, “Accessibility to real-time data, with the ability to drill down to a call level is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Company Nurse [powered by Lintelio] is truly a leader in their field.”

Furthermore, we understand that your needs will evolve. With our innovative mindset, we are adaptive to the changing landscape. Company Nurse was created because of a need in the workers’ comp industry for nurse triage for workplace injuries to get the workers’ comp process off to the right start. Our Lintelio solution was born out of the demand for workplace health reporting during the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. We then drew from our expertise with work comp reporting and digital technology to expand our offerings to other types of claim reporting

We haven’t stopped there – we continue to listen to and create solutions based upon our clients’ risk reporting needs. For example, our latest auto accident and liability claims reporting lines were developed because of our clients’ requests.


Risk oftentimes leads to uncertainty. That’s why we are dedicated to instilling the confidence you need to have the best risk reporting experience possible.

Firstly, we start the claims process off in the right direction. By making it easy for users to report risk events, you are alerted of incidents quickly and efficiently. With a robust, yet easy-to-use admin portal, you have all the information you need to navigate your claims.

Additionally, we provide easy-to-use, accessible, and secure technology. Our risk reporting process utilizes intuitive technology and allows users to select the channel they are most comfortable with – phone, text, or mobile virtual assistant. And our admin portal is secure and accessible only to authorized users.

Next, we provide exceptional service and expertise to ensure that your organization’s needs and goals are met. We are always here to answer our clients’ questions and proactively look for new ways to enhance your risk reporting experience.

We promise to deliver on these brand promises every day. We believe that by living up to our values, we will create lasting partnerships that benefit everyone involved. As a values-based organization, we focus on living out our core values each and every day: do the right thing, go the extra two miles, driven to find solutions, compassion for everyone, and work together to work it out.

When you are our client, you are our partner. We always do the right thing for you, our client, and go the extra two miles to find solutions for your unique concerns. We have compassion for you, your organization, your employees, and other stakeholders and work together with you to provide the best experience possible.

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