By Paul Binsfeld, president and founder of Company Nurse and CEO of Lintelio


July 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Company Nurse lessening the pain of workers’ compensation through nurse triage for workplace injuries. An accomplishment that was made possible by both our amazing team and our clients, who have provided us with the opportunity to earn their business every day.

So, to celebrate, I have gathered memories, stories, and predictions from them on how their relationship to Company Nurse began and what they see for the organization’s future.

I hope you enjoy! And, if you are a Company Nurse client or team member – past or future – thank you for being a part of our story.

The Early Years

In the early years of Company Nurse, long before we moved to a secure, remote workplace, we occupied a small office.

“I have seen Company Nurse grow tremendously! When I joined, we were a team of five. We shared everything with another office that was located across the street – from the copy machine to the kitchen to the labeling machine. I look back in amazement at how we served our clients with a start-up infrastructure and an energetic team who desired success!” – Carolina B, Provider Assurance Manager

We also have vastly expanded our client base.

“In the early years, school districts were the customer base mainstay.  While schools are still a significant proportion, Company Nurse has expanded to include a vast array of industries and professions. School holiday slowdowns are a thing of the past.” – John M, Senior Director of Software Development

And, we have invested in our technology to establish a reputation as a leader in workers’ compensation software.

“The line-of-business software that the contact center uses to collect injured caller information has also changed dramatically over time. At the outset, data was collected from a highly modified off-the-shelf product. Company Nurse made the bold choice to develop its own line-of-business application. The information technology team itself, once being just myself, has expanded to multiple departments, operating in several countries around the world.” – John M, Senior Director of Software Development

As the first nurse triage service for workplace injuries, our biggest challenge in the early years was educating prospects on what nurse triage was and why they needed Company Nurse. We were fortunate to meet clients who saw the vision and value in nurse triage and helped us take off!

“The idea of having a medical professional involved early in a claim, to help direct care and communicate with injured workers and employers, made so much sense. I had heard the idea at a PARMA session and went looking for a company that could do this type of early intervention 24/7/365 (we needed that for police and fire staff). – Janet, Executive Director, Schools Insurance Authority


Company Nurse Today

In 2020, Company Nurse developed Lintelio as a COVID-19 screening tool and testing/vaccination reporting solution. In 2021, Lintelio expanded beyond addressing the pandemic needs of clients and evolved into Company Nurse’s technology company. Lintelio now hosts a suite of digital workplace health and safety solutions.

Our team members recognize how much Company Nurse has grown – and in how many ways.

“I have seen many aspects of growth at Company Nurse – the departments, having an amazing HR manager, technology, new phone system, large office space, then to the capability to work from home, to now remote working. All of these changes seemed seamless to me.” – Morgan M, Contact Center Supervisor

Company Nurse could not have grown like it has without an amazing team.

“I am very thankful to be a part of Company Nurse and truly appreciate all of the growth over the years. And yet, despite all of the growth, we still have that family feeling you find within small companies.” – Tiffany T, Client Operations Specialist Lead

“Our contact center, alone, has tripled in size in the last three years. We have been able to implement new policies and procedure that enable us to the offer the highest level of triage and ensure safe and positive outcomes for our clients.” – Sarah H, Clinical Nurse Manager

And of course, Company Nurse’s investment in technology has contributed greatly to its success.

“The dramatic changes in the IT operations resulted in the introduction of many new and cutting-edge technologies. Keeping up with the tech, learning the vagaries and nuances of rapidly advancing services and systems, and applying these to business opportunities meant a rapid and continuous learning curve. We are now using systems and technologies that didn’t exist, or weren’t readily available, when I joined Company Nurse.” – John M, Senior Director of Software Development

“Our expansion and growth in technology has enabled us to provide additional services and is one of the many reasons we’re viewed as industry leaders.” – Sarah H, Clinical Nurse Manager

“Our ability to adapt and be agile allows us to have technological advances daily to make our services top in the industry. Our current team has the same vision to ‘lessen the pain of workers’ comp’ for everyone involved.” – John B, Sales Associate

Not only do our team members recognize our incredible growth, but our clients as well.

“You’ve grown exponentially in the public sector and pooling community. One main reason for that success is simple – you have an excellent product. What your nurses and other professionals do has become an essential part of taking good care of injured workers. And they do it very well! Throughout your growth, you’ve maintained great service and stayed connected with the needs of your customers. We’ve always felt important no matter how big Company Nurse became. Implementing Company Nurse was one of the best decisions I made” – Janet, Executive Director, School Insurance Authority

“One thing that stands out to me is as your company has grown, there’s been no drop-off in terms of the level of service your team provides to your clients and the employees we serve.” – Jeff, Workers’ Compensation Program Manager, Joint Powers Insurance Authority


The Future of Company Nurse

I am so proud to be a part of the team that is just as excited about the future of Company Nurse as I am.

They recognize how Company Nurse can and will continue to adapt to trends and the evolving needs of our clients.

“The COVID-19 pandemic proved how well Company Nurse can pivot and maintain industry needs and demands. I see tremendous growth in our future.” – Sarah H, Clinical Nurse Manager

“Company Nurse continues to adapt to market conditions and customer needs.” – Carolina B, Provider Assurance Manager

“I can only see the organization continuing to grow. From having more and more businesses and companies use our services to updating and adding new services!” – Samantha Light, Injury Care Coordinator

“I see our organization continuing to grow because of how well we treat our clients. We do our best to help clients with what they need to help both their organizations and their employees.” – Caitlin S, Client Operations Specialist

And our team knows the value of investing in our technology.

“The challenge now isn’t how the company will grow, but which direction is optimal. This bodes well for a bright future. An internet connected world is driven and dependent on technology, and specifically web-based software. An abundance of opportunities, challenges, and possibilities exist.” – John M, Senior Director of Software Development

“Given the huge leaps in technology and passionate employees, I only see great things in the future for Company Nurse.” – Tiffany T, Client Operations Specialist Lead

I’m so grateful for the incredible Company Nurse team members and clients who are and have been a part of the Company Nurse story and look forward to many more years to come!

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