By Debra Spamer, vice president of business development of Company Nurse LLC

To support the efforts of a safe return to in-person learning, hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds have been allocated to our nation’s schools.

And with the CDC recommending layered prevention strategies for the return of in-person learning this fall, it is important that schools dedicate their dollars toward health and safety solutions. Here are ideas to consider for your school’s prevention strategies to protect your students and staff.

Screening for Everyone

An important measure is to screen students, staff, vendors – anyone who enters your school – for symptoms of and exposure to COVID-19. This method can help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in your school and your community.

Daily health screenings allow users to indicate whether or not they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Users that are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to COVID can then self-isolate.

Screening users before they enter the school helps to prevent symptomatic or exposed persons from exposing others. Your organization will want to utilize a screening solution that can be done virtually, at-home.

Testing and Vaccination Management

The CDC recommends schools test those who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19. According to the CDC, “Screening testing identifies infected people, including those with or without symptoms (or before development of symptoms) who may be contagious, so that measures can be taken to prevent further transmission.”

With testing and vaccination report management, you can determine who is not fully vaccinated and, as such, needs to take part in screening testing. In addition, testing and vaccination management will help you to keep track of testing results.

The CDC states “screening testing should be done in a way that ensures the ability to maintain confidentiality of results and protect student, teacher, and staff privacy.” A secure, third-party tool will allow users to confidently submit their test results.

Report Absences

Screening and testing management can help schools and organizations to keep those with confirmed and suspected cases of COVID home.

The pandemic has impacted the education of students everywhere. If a teacher or other staff member calls out sick last-minute, have an easy and efficient absence reporting system. This allows the school to quickly find a substitute and to avoid the disruption of learning.

Access to Benefits

If an employee is positive for COVID-19, or suspects they may have been infected, help them get the care they need so they can return to work healthy. This can be done by making sure they have quick, easy access to their health benefits. The last thing a sick employee needs is confusion on where and how to get care.

Consider a digital tool that houses all your employee benefits. That way, employees can find everything they need to get the care they need in one place. From finding providers to having access to their virtual insurance card, employees can complete their provider visits with ease.

Alert Notification System

Having a robust alert system allows  schools to notify students and staff quickly with important information. For example, if your school has a COVID-19 outbreak, you’ll want to make sure that you can alert all your students and staff immediately and in a format that they can easily access.

Notifying everyone who might enter your school of the outbreak will allow them to stay home to avoid infection or, if they have already been infected, further transmission.

Look for a system that allows for a variety of channels, such as text, email, voice, so that you can send communications they way that works best for your school. With the right system, you can help keep your school safe and informed.

With Lintelio, Company Nurse’s workplace digital solution for organizations’ health and safety services, you have access to the above tools and more. Email to learn why Lintelio should be a part of YOUR school’s multi-layered COVID-prevention strategy!