By Nicole Edwards, senior manager of client services at Company Nurse LLC

Nurse triage is an important first step in addressing workplace injuries. Not only does nurse triage help injured workers get the care they need, but it allows for these workers to be informed of the next steps they need to take.

These next steps could include referrals for drug and alcohol testing, as well as your preferred provider network, and other company-mandated directives (directions).

With proper directions and referrals for workplace injuries, your employees can confidently navigate your unique workplace injury process.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Your organization may require employees to take a drug and/or alcohol test after a workplace injury.

This is a specific and timely process that can be confusing for employees. Since an individual employee most likely does not need to frequently report injuries, the employee may have no idea how to start the drug and alcohol testing process.

But by simply instructing employees to contact Company Nurse after a workplace injury, your team members will have access to both the care and direction they need.

Company Nurse can communicate your unique drug and alcohol testing directives to help your employee complete his or her testing in a timely manner at the proper facilities.

In addition, Company Nurse can inform the medical provider with our provider alert that drug and/or alcohol testing is required when the seek treatment.

Preferred Provider Networks

When your employees report their injuries to Company Nurse, they have access to caring and compassionate nurses who can direct them to the care they need. Our nurses can refer workers who need care from a medical provider to a provider in your organization’s preferred provider network (or, for California, Medical Provider Networks/MPNs).

And with the Company Nurse provider assurance process, you can help to ensure your employees are being referred to facilities that can properly address their specific injuries.

At Company Nurse, we verify facilities’ hours and location, whether they take workers’ comp patients, equipment needed to address certain injuries (i.e. x-ray machines), and more.

We understand that Employee vs Employer Choice of Physician state laws might need to be communicated to your workers when they contact Company Nurse to address workplace injuries. Simply let us know, and our nurses will relay them to your employees.

With this process, your employees can access the right care at the right time, helping both your team members and your organization.

Other Company-Mandated Directives

Your organization may have other directives (directions) after workplace injuries occur. At Company Nurse, we can communicate these directives to your employees when they report their injuries.

For example, your organization may require supervisors to be present when an employee reports a workplace injury. Our nurses will know to verify this when your workers contact Company Nurse. Or, perhaps, your employees need to follow up with their human resources representative after seeking treatment at a medical facility. If so, our nurses will provide employees with the information they need to contact their representative.

You also may need to provide first fill information to your employees. Company Nurse can do that for you, even sending a text message to your employees so that they have the information handy and ready to use!

At Company Nurse, we work as your partner to help you and your employees navigate your workplace injury process. We will work together to customize these directions to your needs.


With access to a triage nurse, you and your employees can be confident in your workplace injury process.

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