September 3rd, 2019Company Nurse®, the premier nurse triage service for workplace injuries, and Absentia Solutions℠, the trusted claims advisor and care management provider, have collaborated to provide a comprehensive approach for improving workers’ compensation claim outcomes.

In the workers’ compensation industry, about 15% of claims make up 80% of costs. Through this collaboration, Company Nurse® and Absentia Solutions℠ will help clients become aware of these potentially high-risk claims earlier, to help save time and costs.

When a workplace injury occurs, the injured worker will contact Company Nurse®‘s 24/7/365 nurse triage contact center to receive self-care advice and/or to be referred to an approved medical facility. Company Nurse® also completes the Report of Incident which includes all the details of the injury.

If an incident becomes a claim, Absentia Solutions℠ uses the information gathered by Company Nurse® and their own specialty nurses to initiate their ID15® process. Through behavioral and psychosocial factors, ID15® is designed to identify high-risk claims accurately and quickly.

“We’re excited to team up with Absentia Solutions℠. This collaboration allows us to provide our clients with even more valuable and powerful information. This will help them to improve the outcomes of workers’ comp claims, further lowering their costs,” said Paul Binsfeld, founder and president of Company Nurse®.

“Company Nurse® gets a workers’ compensation claim off to an excellent start, fast, providing the perfect entryway to the Absentia Solutions℠ predictive process. With the immediate triage information provided by Company Nurse®, we can hit the ground running to identify workers most at risk for a delayed recovery and help them return to health and productivity,” said Jennifer Hertzfeld, VP Product Management.

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About Company Nurse®

Workplace injuries happen. Company Nurse® provides nurse triage for injured workers and makes the process of workers’ comp pain-free. In business since 1997, and the first in the industry, Company Nurse® continues to grow and innovate so that businesses can take care of people, take care of processes, make workplaces more productive, and businesses more profitable. Contact to learn more.

About Absentia Solutions

Absentia Solutions℠ has been changing lives while saving our clients money in workers’ compensation since 2002.

Absentia Solutions℠’s mission is to overcome obstacles and prevent distractions while the injured worker is recovering.

We’re committed to the disruption of the standard task-based claims management status quo. Our approach empowers our nurse case managers to create a shared purpose with our customers and their injured workers. We identify claims with the potential to be high risk for delayed recovery using our ID15® biopsychosocial predictive tool and proprietary scoring algorithm. Once these hidden risks are uncovered our nurses immediately start working with the injured workers to remove barriers and facilitate the earliest possible return to work and release from care.

As a trusted advisor, our expertise in identifying hidden behavioral risks and quickly containing them has become our distinctive value proposition. Whether your company chooses a single tool or a comprehensive program, your company will experience our commitment to transforming workers’ compensation one claim at a time.

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