By Debra Spamer, vice president of business development

Take a look at any nurse triage service and you’ll be sure to see it boasting about its high-quality nurses. Nurses that are prepared for any situation. Nurses that can recommend the right thing to do.

Well, you should sure hope so!

In the workers’ comp industry, triage nurses must have years of experience and proven ability to deal with the stress of workplace injuries. If not, then they shouldn’t be triage nurses.

You’ll find that to truly stand out from the crowd, nurse triage services need to do more than just provide injured workers with proper care.

So, what sets apart the Company Nurse triage team? Let’s find out.

Warm Welcome

Before your injured workers speak to a nurse, they each work with an injury care coordinator (ICC). What do the ICCs do? A lot.

The ICCs work with each injured employee to quickly and clearly understand exactly how and why the injury occurred, and then connect the worker to a nurse, if warranted.

Of course, Company Nurse ICCs know how to efficiently gather the information needed for nurses to properly triage injured workers. But what truly makes the triage experience positive for your workers is compassion. That starts with the ICCs.

Our ICCs know how to empathize with your injured employees, letting them that they will be taken care of, that everything will be okay.

You can understand that for an employee that just got injured and doesn’t know what to do or what’s going to happen, this assurance means everything.

Compassion for Everyone

When the ICCs connect each of your injured workers to a triage nurse, they provide the experienced nurses with all the details of the incident and injury, as well as the employee’s background.

Armed with this information and own knowledge, the nurse can truly understand what your worker is going through and help to get each of them the care they need.

And every nurse does it with compassion, continuing to provide the comfort that the injured employee receives when they first speak to an ICC.

Not only do we ensure our nurses have extensive nursing experience, but that they also have people experience. Yes, medical triage and self-care advice is important to injured workers, but it’s much more effective if it’s provided by nurses who genuinely care.

We Go the Extra Two Miles

At Company Nurse, we make sure to always go the extra two miles. Especially when it comes to your injured workers. We want to get them better and back on their feet as quickly and safely as possible.

This means clearly understanding how we can help your injured employees. Our nurses are sure to do that. Have they had these injuries before? What previous conditions might influence these injuries? Are these injuries that can worsen?

Our nurses then send this information to your pre-verified medical facilities, so your employees can rest assured they are getting help from the right people, who are ready for them to arrive.

By going the extra two miles, we make sure all employees are properly taken care of in the long term.

Protect Your Employees, Protect Your Company

You care about your employees. They’re your friends, your family. And they make your company what it is.

By protecting your employees, you’re protecting your company’s greatest asset. Giving them care from a compassionate, caring team means that not only will they get better and back to work quicker, but they’ll love being a part of your company even more.

Want to learn more about Company Nurse and our team? Contact us today!