When an injury occurs in the workplace, it is crucial to respond as quickly as possible on the “Day of Injury.” A timely report and response has been shown to reduce workers’ compensation claims, improve return-to-work outcomes, decrease costs, and improve employee morale, and a nurse triage contact center system can help you to easily achieve all of the above. At Company Nurse, we understand the challenges associated with the workers’ compensation process and injury reporting, and have been providing quality telephonic nurse triage for over eighteen years. Here are just a few of the features of our nurse triage program.

Nationwide, 24/7/365 Access

In order to properly help injured employees and make the workers’ compensation process run as smoothly as possible, it is important that employers report injuries on the day that they occur, and as quickly as possible. The Company Nurse Injury Contact Center can be called at any hour of the day or night and on any day of the year across the nation, and they connect callers to caring medical professionals who will triage the injured worker to the appropriate level of care. Receiving a workplace injury is never a good experience, but our compassionate nurses can lessen the strain of the experience and help your employees to feel more satisfied with the process, which will, in turn, help you to reduce workers’ compensation claims and help them to return to work as quickly as possible.

RNs Who Specialize in Evaluating Occupational Injuries

Not all injuries require emergency medical attention, or even any medical attention. While it is important to receive the necessary treatment, oftentimes the only necessary treatment is initial first aid. It can be tough to ascertain the right level of treatment, but our triage nurses are all registered nurses who specialize in evaluating occupational injuries and doing so via telephone rather than in person. The nurse will provide a compassionate and comprehensive evaluation and, if appropriate, advice on first aid that can either be self-administered or administered by the employer.

Injury Report Faxed to Medical Provider Immediately, When Referral to Medical Care is Needed

In addition to expediting the reporting process, nurse triage systems greatly reduce the treatment process as well. Unfortunately, emergency rooms and urgent care facilities are often overcrowded, and patients are forced to wait for hours at times to receive any kind of treatment. As US News Health states, patients with emergency situations and high-severity injuries take top priority in being seen and being treated, which leads to other patients spending an average of two hours in the ER while they wait to be seen and treated. Triage nurses take away much of the inconvenience of this process by diverting non-emergency patients away from emergency rooms and taking care of some of the details of the visit.

After talking the injured through preliminary first aid, the nurse will direct them to a facility that would provide the appropriate care for their malady, which prevents emergency room overcrowding and ensures that you will receive the appropriate care without having to pay exorbitant ambulance and emergency room fees. In addition, the triage nurses will fax injury reports, medical history, and any other necessary documents to the medical provider within minutes of the call. Because the facility will have all necessary information before the patient’s arrival, they will be able to treat the injured employee quickly and accurately, which will make the process more convenient for all and less stressful for the injured worker.

About Company Nurse

At Company Nurse, we help employers in addressing work injuries immediately. We provide medical expertise at the point of injury, so injured employees are channeled to the most appropriate level of care by qualified and trained nurses. If an injury is identified, we will report it to everyone on the distribution list in order for them to do their respective jobs efficiently. For more information on how you can experience a 20 percent reduction in reported claims, and a total claims cost savings of up to 30 percent, contact us today at (888) 817-9282 or go to www.companynurse.com.