Efficient handling of workplace injuries can lead to a number of reduced costs and claims as well as an increase in employee satisfaction. Nurse triage hotlines make the reporting process easier than ever by providing 24/7/365 triage nurses to guide injured employees through injury assessment and treatment recommendations. The hotline nurse will also compile all relevant information and send it to all stakeholders, while providing the injured employee with a compassionate response to workplace injuries.

Program Features

One of the most important features of nurse triage hotlines is their ease of access. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year, you will have nationwide access to our triage nurses through the hotline. Our triage nurses are registered nurses who specialize in evaluating workplace injuries and provide personalized, compassionate medical advice to those who call. In the event that medical care is required, triage nurses immediately send injury reports and other necessary documentation to medical providers. This greatly increases the convenience of the process and reduces the stress for the injured employee.


There are numerous additional benefits to a nurse triage hotline; it improves communication, streamlines the reporting and workers’ compensation process, and increases satisfaction on all accounts. Within minutes of the call, triage nurses send all necessary documentation (such as injury reports, injury details, and medical history) to the appropriate parties (including the medical provider, if medical service is recommended), and channels the injured employee to the company’s preferred providers. By organizing and sending the information in such a timely manner, many injuries do not become claims, and those that do see a much more streamlined claims process. The far more convenient process makes it easier on the employee, the employer, and the medical providers, and increases employee satisfaction.


Those who have implemented injury triage systems have reported positive results in a number of areas. Reported claims have reduced by 15 to 20 percent, claims cost savings have increased by 25 to 30 percent, and the workers’ compensation process has grown much more efficient. In addition, the increase in employee satisfaction can result in a decrease in litigation and false claims.


Communication failures in the workers’ compensation field can have a number of ill effects. An informal online poll found that 88% of employers were under the impression that communicating workers’ compensation information to their employees would lead to them filing claims. However, effectively communicating the workers’ compensation policies instead leads to cost reductions in three areas – medical, disability, and litigation. If employers communicate workplace injuries at the time of injury, they can often reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and reduce medical costs by 50 to 80 percent. Employers can also reduce lost workdays and decrease indemnity costs by over 50 percent by effectively communicating their desire to implement modified duty programs for workers with injuries, and an increase in communication with their employees throughout the workers’ compensation process can help the employees to feel more supported and reduce claims by 35 percent or higher. Nurse triage systems make communicating all of the above issues easier than ever by providing assistance 24/7/365 and furthering the chain of communication to all relevant parties.

Human Touch

Receiving a workplace injury is never a good experience and inefficient medical treatment, that may further aggravate the employee, can lead to an increase in claims and an overall dissatisfied employee. We are proud to say that our triage nurses always provide personal, compassionate care to those who call the hotline.

About Company Nurse

At Company Nurse, we help employers in addressing work injuries immediately. We provide medical expertise at the point of injury, so injured employees are channeled to the most appropriate level of care by qualified and trained nurses. If an injury is identified, we will report it to everyone on the distribution list in order for them to do their respective jobs efficiently. For more information on how you can experience a 20 percent reduction in reported claims, and a total claims cost savings of up to 30 percent, contact us today at (888) 817-9282 or go to www.companynurse.com.