Building a company, a culture, that makes a positive impact.
By Paul Binsfeld, president of Company Nurse

As part of our annual strategic planning session, my entire executive management team gathered and refined our core values. What is a brand’s value?

Steve Jobs once wrote: “To me, marketing is about values. This is a very complicated world, it’s a very noisy world. And we’re not going to get the chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us.”

Fundamentally, I want people to know I built a company – a culture – that positively impacts others – whether they are our clients, industry peers, family and friends, or community at large.  Our core values are:

  • Do the right thing
  • Go the extra two miles
  • Driven to find solutions
  • Compassion for everyone
  • Work together to work it out

In 2017, our quarterly newsletters will spotlight one of our five core values with a story about how it has been lived out in our daily business activity. So, how did we do the right thing this past quarter? We gave back.

The act of giving was something I learned from my parents. Ever since I can remember, my parents were involved in the community in both leadership and “worker” roles. Helping us to learn the value of being part of the community, my parents involved all five children in these efforts. My father was on the Board of St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance for more than 10 years, and my mother focused her efforts on serving children in need in the community through the Christ Child Society and the Assistance League of Phoenix. We as children had many opportunities to participate as a family in giving back, so it has been truly rewarding to be able to extend this act of giving into my company culture.

Most recently, in the past two months, we had two company-wide charitable giving programs at our headquarters:

Packages from Home

For Veterans Day, November 11, 2016, we partnered with Phoenix-based Packages from Home, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The team at Company Nurse assembled Military Care Packages with food, personal toiletries and recreational items, along with heartfelt personal notes.

Our team had a fun time putting together these packages. We’d like to give a special thank you to Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale for donating soap, lotion, and shampoo. Here’s what they had to say about the day: “Hotel Valley Ho is delighted to provide items for the Military Care Packages offered by Company Nurse. We so appreciate those that serve in the military and hope the packages help show our appreciation.”

This was a tribute to thank all of the men and women that serve – and have served – our country. We recognized the following people that served that are friends and family members of my team at Company Nurse:

  • Lawrence Gress
  • Roger Francis Binsfeld
  • Jeffrey D Brune SK2
  • Leonard Brune
  • George Toyne
  • Arnold Jaffe
  • Terry Larson
  • Seaman Sierra Perry
  • Seaman Dalton Perry USN
  • Lt Miyuki K Kauffroath
  • Amanda R Ferguson
  • SGT Douglas C Dunlap
  • Lt Cdr Dwight D Kauffroath
  • Petty Officer Charles A Perry
  • Petty Officer David W Perry
  • Petty Officer Wayne Perry
  • SGT Eugene W. Ramer
  • PFC Leroy Kauffroath
  • Don Matthews
  • David L Irvine
  • James Crider III (JC)
  • Edmond Morgan
  • A Robert Woods
  • David L Woods
  • Karl E Woods

The Military Care Packages were a continuation of our “Blessing Bags” program that we launched in 2015. Last year, our team assembled 100 care packages for the homeless in our community.

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

Over the holidays, Company Nurse hosted a drive to support St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Nearly 1 in 3 children, 1 in 5 Arizonans, and 1 in 7 seniors in Arizona live in poverty.

The team donated items throughout the month and – leveraging social media – I matched every “like,” comment, and share on posts published to the Company Nurse Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles, with a donation of a non-perishable food item to support St. Mary’s Food Bank. My team shared the posts and rallied their friends and loved ones to participate.

The result? On Dec. 16, we delivered a generous check to more than match the number of social posts, in addition to the non-perishable food donations brought in by the Company Nurse team – just in time for the holidays.

In the end, the key to happiness is giving. The act of giving is truly more gratifying than getting. And, doing the right thing this past holiday season at Company Nurse meant giving to those in need of a little care and recognition.


Paul Binsfeld is the founder and president of Company Nurse, LLC, a firm that specializes in medical triage and injury management for workers’ compensation. In Q4 2016, Binsfeld formally launched the first-to-market SaaS solution for worker’s compensation nurse triage management.

Binsfeld’s career began as a workers’ compensation consultant with mid-size employers helping to streamline claims processes and improve outcomes for injured workers. By working with many different types of employers, he identified a common need for early intervention in the workers’ compensation claims and injury management process, and thus, Company Nurse was born in 1997. Binsfeld – one of the pioneers of the pre-claim nurse triage industry – was recently appointed to the Entrepreneurial Insurance Alliance Advisory Board of Directors. He has over 25 years of experience in workers’ compensation and is one of the most influential leaders in the market.