Christine Larson
Injury Care Coordinator Co-Lead

Christine Larson is being spotlighted for her dedication, positive attitude, and boundless energy. She joined the team as an Injury Care Coordinator in 2013, and was soon promoted to Co-Lead/Supervisor in 2014. Christine knew she had a calling in the medical field at a young age, which led her to Company Nurse where she has been passionate about helping our Injury Care Coordinators be more successful and grow individually.

As the company has experienced significant growth, Christine has shined in her ability to support our expansion by contributing to the design of training outlines and providing input with new systems and processes.

“As I have developed professionally, I realize how much I love training staff and leading people to success,” says Christine Larson. “But my love for the medical field is still here too. After some experience hands on with patients and experience in call centers, I get the best of both worlds working for Company Nurse.”

Perhaps the most interesting element of Christine’s position is that there is no predicting the type of calls that will come in each day. Injuries can range from minor to serious. Yet every day Christine says she learns and grows, and enjoys working closely with her team. She comments, “Each day that I get to come in to work I am happy and excited for the day ahead. What I appreciate most about working with Company Nurse is that the company promotes professional development in every way. I strive for greatness in myself – and I know I can be successful and accomplish that here.”