It should come as no surprise that workers’ compensation costs remain a large budget-eater for companies of all types. As these claims can adversely affect your bottom line, it’s important to understand how to control and minimize these costs. With that said, the benefits of a nurse triage contact center continue to positively impact businesses’ worker injury costs. Let us take a closer look at the wide range of benefits that implementing a 24/7/365 contact center for workers’ compensation injuries can provide.

What is nurse triage?

According to Amaxx, a workers’ compensation resource center, nurse triage is the process of having an experienced nurse evaluate an employee’s medical needs and direct them to the appropriate level of care.

How does a nurse triage system benefit employers?

#1: Expert care and advice.

There are many benefits of implementing a nurse triage contact center service. First and foremost, a triage nurse will provide medical expertise at the point of injury via the various contact center channels, so injured employees are channeled to the most appropriate level of care, e.g. self-care, a clinic, or the emergency room. Their objective, professional advice can help ensure the employee receives the treatment they deserve with a trusted physician. Or, if medical referral is not required, the triage nurse will provide self-care advice the injured employee can take in order to heal properly.

#2: Triage nurses will notify the medical provider of the employee injury.

Not only will a nurse notify an approved medical provider of the employee’s injury and when to expect their arrival, but they will immediately forward all injury incident information to the relative stakeholders. By addressing the injury when it first occurs, the nurse is able to provide quick and accurate care and treatment evaluation, often preventing a minor injury from becoming an expensive claim.

#3: Increased morale.

Quick, responsive action to an employee injury demonstrates the employer’s dedication to their safety. In turn, employees are more likely to feel valued and thus, improve morale company-wide. Furthermore, the quick relay of information causes the process to run smoothly, which saves time and contributes to the employer’s bottom line.

#4: Proactive claims management.

Receiving detailed reports of injury at the time of the incident allows the employer to be proactive in controlling their worker’s compensation costs by allowing respective claims professionals to do their roles in the process.

At Company Nurse, we help employers in addressing work injuries immediately. We provide medical expertise at the point of injury, so injured employees are channeled to the most appropriate level of care by qualified and trained nurses. If an injury is identified, we will report it to everyone on the distribution list in order for them to do their respective jobs efficiently. For more information on how you can experience a 20 percent reduction in reported claims, and a total claims cost savings of up to 30 percent, contact us today at (855) 488-5337.