The Arkansas McDonald’s Self-Insurance Trust Recognized for Outstanding Performance

The Arkansas McDonald’s Self-Insurance Trust (AMSIT) was honored with the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Outstanding Performance Award at a ceremony this past October in Little Rock.

“When you get to the top of the mountain, it’s hard to stay there,” said Philip H. Merry, Jr., Area President of Arthur J. Gallagher and AMSIT Fund Manager. “And we are proud that we have stayed there year after year.”

Linda Collins, Chief Operating Officer of Risk Management Resources, accepted the award at the event on behalf of AMSIT.

In 1993, the Arkansas McDonald’s Self-Insurance Trust was founded as a means to provide competitive coverage at a stable price. Today, AMSIT is made up of approximately 25 different owners representing 145 McDonald’s locations throughout the state. Merry connected with Company Nurse in the early 2000s and attributes much of AMSIT’s flawless scores each quarter on the services Company Nurse provides. The State of Arkansas measures on the following three criteria:

  • How expeditious reporting is from the time of the work injury incident to notification to TPAs
  • How expeditious the TPAs’ reporting of that work injury incident is to the State of Arkansas
  • How expeditious claims are being paid

“We have never not made 100 percent on our report card with the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission since partnering with Company Nurse,” adds Merry.

He attributes efficiencies to the system Company Nurse affords, saying, “The first 12 hours of a work injury are vital.” In a nutshell, an employee can receive timely advice 24/7, 3-6-5 from an experienced nurse with licensed credentials covered by malpractice insurance. The nurse will triage the injured worker, provide immediate first-aid direction and point the employee to the appropriate level of care. The information gathered is meticulously compiled for reporting purposes.

With program savings, AMSIT provides 30-50 percent in dividends back to the fund’s members annually.

“We have been proud to partner with Philip Merry and the Arkansas McDonald’s Self-Insurance Trust for the past 15 years,” states Paul Binsfeld, President of Company Nurse, LLC. “Our goal is to improve the overall work injury reporting system in order to achieve increased savings and reduced claims. Working with such a progressive and forward-thinking partner like AMSIT has allowed us to make a positive impact to both AMSIT’s members and the employees of McDonald’s throughout the state of Arkansas.”

“I believe we’re the smallest self-insured group trust in the State,” said Merry. “And we’re viewed as the most outstanding.”